Monday, December 8, 2014

Hello everyone!  I have not done much with my project over the past few weeks for some personal reasons but I am determined to start.  I have noticed that it is difficult to get started on this project but I think once I get into a pattern of doing my project it will become part of my daily routine.  What I plan on doing this week putting together a time line in which I will be going on.  On this time line it will tell me when and how long I will be staying in this country/city.  Later on in my project I will be planning out where I am going to stay, eat, and visit around that country.  My later on blog posts will not be this short because I will actually have some progress to write about.  See you later!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Nothing big has happened this week, I am still making my list of countries and cities I would like to visit in 80 days.  Making a virtual trip around the world is harder than it looks and sounds.  It is hard because I have to think about how long I am staying in every place I go and what I am going to do with times I am supposed to make.  So I have decided that I am allowed an unlimited budget when I make this trip, it will be a lot easier that way and I can go to some expensive places.  Well anyway wish me luck!
This week has been kind of slow I have not really done anything to start my project.  All I have done so far is make a short list of Countries and cities I would like to visit one day and that is pretty much it.  So for my project my mom gets these traveling handouts in the mail and I am using those to great use.  They show you places you could go and visit and I need that for my project.  I forgot to mention in my first blog post that my mom is my mentor and she will be helping me organize my ideas and turning them into something that makes sense.  Hopefully next week will be better, see yeah!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

For my 20 time project I have decided to create a virtual trip around the world in 80 days.  I have always wanted to travel but unfortunately I am too busy and do not have that sort of money laying around.  So instead of actually going to these places now I will go on a virtual trip and when I actually can afford to go to these places I will know exactly where I want to go and do in the cities I plan to visit someday.  Also I was thinking about becoming a travel agent someday and this could help me prep for my future.  It was hard trying to come up with something that I am passionate about but that is why I am in high school, is to find who I am and what I enjoy doing.  I finally found out that I love different culture and would love to go more into it.  Creating a virtual trip around the world is a good idea because I will be able to have the time to do research about culture all around the world.