Monday, January 12, 2015

Hello everyone long time no see!  So I am back and ready to tell you what I have accomplished,  I wish I could have accomplished more than I did but my Christmas break was busy and I was out of town for the most part of my vacation.  but that does not mean I did not get anything done!  I have been planning everything out. For example when I go to Russia on my virtual trip I am going to go to the orphanage where I had grown up for the fist few years of my life.  When I visit France I am obviously going to stop by the Effil Tower, though it is not a good time to visit France right now.  Anyway I am still on the planning part and that is where I am going to be for awhile.  It takes awhile to plan where I am going.  Oh and I am not sure if I mentioned I have all the money I need, meaning I do not have to worry about any financial problems.  This is good because then my project would be very tricky but since I am not worrying about it my project can move on smoothly.  So far my project has not been very hard except the part where it is hard to find time outside of school to work on it.  It has been a struggle but I think I can do it.  See you next time and I will be sure to explain more where I will be going and what I will be doing in the countries I visit.  Have a great day!

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